• Support multiple assets.version-like source files for cache-busting (#105)
  • Fix term counts for custom statuses (#115)
  • add a general-purpose capitalize_each Twig filter (#118)
  • Add Twig\FormHelper filters/fns by default


  • Separate Cypress service in dev environment (#91)
  • Clarify PR guidelines
  • Documentation readability improvements
  • Fix bugs in SupportsAdvancedSearch (#108)
  • Introduce Site::context() method and deprecate get_context_with_* methods (#94)


  • Fix a bug in the SupportsAdvancedSearch trait that causes a SQL error when the search_terms query_var is empty


  • Fix a Fatal Error in default Button shortcode usage when no attributes are declared (#100)
  • tighten Post::get_all() $query param typehint (#97)
  • Implement a workaround for a Lando dev environment issue
  • test on PHP 7.3


  • Changed internal service image for the node service. Developers working on Conifer will need to rebuild with lando rebuild -ys node. This change does not affect production/library code.
  • Fixed a bug in Site::find-file() #76

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