Class: \Conifer\Site

Wrapper for any and all theme-specific behavior.

Visibility Function
public __construct(string/int $identifier=null)</strong> : void
Construct a Conifer Site object.
public add_default_twig_helpers() : void
Tell Conifer to add its default Twig functions when loading the Twig environment, before rendering a view
public add_to_context(array $context)</strong> : array the updated context
Add arbitrary data to the site-wide context array
public add_twig_helper(\Conifer\Twig\HelperInterface $helper)</strong> : void
Add a Twig helper that implements Twig filters and/or functions to the Twig environment that Timber uses to render views. Twig\HelperInterface that implements the functions/filters to add
public configure(\callable $userDefinedConfig=null, bool/\Conifer\boole/\boolean $configureDefaults=true)</strong> : Conifer\Site the Site object it was called on
Configure any WordPress hooks and register site-wide components, such as nav menus from theme code. configuration code. Defaults to true.
public configure_default_admin_dashboard_widgets() : void
Add a Conifer helper widget to the admin dashboard
public configure_default_twig_extensions() : void
Load Twig's String Loader and Debug extensions
public configure_defaults() : void
Configure useful defaults for Twig functions/filters, custom image sizes, shortcodes, etc.
public configure_twig_view_cascade() : void
Tell Timber/Twig which directories to look in for Twig view files.
public context(array $with=array())</strong> : array the merged data
Get the Timber context, optionally with extra data to add within the current scope.
public disable_admin_hotkeys() : void
Disable hotkey-based navigation on the WP dashboard
public disable_comments() : void
Disable all comment functionality across the site.
public enable_admin_hotkeys() : void
Enable hotkey-based navigation on the WP dashboard
public enqueue_script(\string $scriptName, \string $fileName='', array $dependencies=array(), bool/array/string/bool/null $version=true, \boolean $inFooter=true)</strong> : void
Enqueue a script within the script cascade path. Calls wp_enqueue_script transparently, except that it defaults to enqueueing in the footer instead of the header. Defaults to the empty string, but is required if the script has not already been registered. the URL rendered in the

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