Class: \Conifer\Twig\TermHelper

Twig Wrapper around filters for WP/Timber terms and taxonomies

Visibility Function
public get_filters() : array an associative array of callback functions, keyed by name
Get the Twig functions to register
public get_functions() : array
Does not supply any additional Twig functions.
public term_item_class(\Conifer\Twig\TimberTerm/\Timber\Term $term, \Conifer\Twig\TimberCoreInterface/\Timber\CoreInterface $currentPostOrArchive)</strong> : string the formatted phone number
Filters the given term into a class for an
  • ; considers $term "current" if $currentPostOrArchive is a TimberTerm instance (meaning we're on an archive page for that term), and it represents the same term as $term. the current archive page (e.g. a category listing)
  • This class implements \Conifer\Twig\HelperInterface

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