Customizing Search

You can customize the criteria WordPress uses to match search results to include meta fields:


    'post_type' => ['flower'],
    'meta_fields' => [
      ['key' => '%thorn%', 'key_compare' => 'LIKE'],
    'post_status' => ['in_season'],
    'post_type' => ['page'],
    'meta_fields' => [

This tells WordPress search queries to compare not just post_content, post_title, and post_excerpt, but also:

  • for the flower post type, match on:
    • meta_value for the color field; and
    • for any fields whose keys match the pattern %thorn% (e.g. thorniness or has_thorns)
    • for posts in in_season status only
  • for the page type:
    • match on meta_value for the details field
    • for published posts only (this is the default)

More work is planned for the near future to make this even more powerful. Stay tuned!

Warning: Calling configure_advanced_search() does not change how post types are registered

You still need to make sure you register custom post types as "public." Conifer does not override this for you.

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